Revenge of the Cookie Monster

The Information Commissioners Office has demonstrated how we could implement the new Cookie Law on our websites...

...and it's messy.

The Information Commissioners Office website has a declaration that users need to tick to confirm they allow cookies to be stored on their computers.

Even if they do not tick this box, the ASP.NET Session cookie is already written to their PCs because the ICO deem it essential.

Google Analytics on the other hand is disabled for anyone who does not tick the box. The ICO have created a JavaScript that checks for a new cookie the ICO will write to the PC of anyone ticking the box. If it's detected they enable Analytics and it also ensures you don't see the confirmation message again...

...until you clear your cookies, use another computer, another browser or you've already set your browser to delete cookies automatically and you return to the site.

So, out of the original four ICO site cookies, they've created an additional one for people who have confirmed they allow cookies, so that they can check you want cookies, even though they've already written one of the other four cookies to your computer without consent.

Good luck with that, ICO.

Oh, and by the way. That's a damned ugly confirmation box!

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