AIDA - Not the Opera

AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) is a marketing tool to support a conversion, goal-based user journey, primarily on the web.

AIDA describes a common list of events that are very often undergone when a person is selling a product or service:

A - Attention (Awareness)

Attract the attention of the customer.

I - Interest

Raise customer interest by focusing on and demonstrating advantages and benefits (instead of focusing on features, as in traditional advertising).

D - Desire

Convince customers that they want and desire the product or service and that it will satisfy their needs.

A - Action

Lead customers towards taking action and/or purchasing.

Some prefer to add another letter to form AIDA(S):

S - Satisfaction

Satisfy the customer so they become a repeat customer and give referrals to a product.

Explanatory and supporting material is available at: