Make a difference

Carbon-offsetting is in the news again with the Government's attempt to be perceived as green while doing the complete opposite.

We have UK companies involved in carbon-trading scams.

We have government agencies in the pockets of big companies, or at least ignoring the problem, while supermarkets, like Tesco, screw more ethical companies like Co-Op.

It seems the government isn't going to help, so it comes down to us to do our part. And I don't mean by using carbon-offsetting, which does absolutely nothing to stop global warming - only exacerbates the problem and makes some people rich (usually the wrong people).

I mean through real solutions, such as Richmond Council increasing the road parking fees for 4x4s; Ecocentra - an ethical/environmental version of e-bay.

We also need to ensure we carry our actions into the workplace by implementing the same energy/waste-saving techniques we use at home - many people leave their green habits at home.